Want to be a franchised outlet for ETL’s courses?

If yes, then it is important that go through what has been given below.

E- Convergence Technologies Ltd (ETL) is an education infrastructure company, engaged in imparting training and in the upgradation of skills by offering quality education at reasonable prices all over the country, using state-of-art technologies like broadband through VSAT/cable network and software that permits interactivity.

Most important, through ETL's centres, students can learn from some of the best teachers and some of the most challenging and stimulating course material.

Education is a growing business and a very profitable one. But institutions that have succeded have managed to create a mark because of

  • Good teachers
  • Excellent course material
  • Standardisation of the quality of training across all centres
  • Standardisation of the quality of evaluation across these centres
  • Making these courses available at reasonable prices
  • Offering these courses at the time most convienient to students.

ETL offers all these and a lot more.

  • ETL believes that the benefits of this vision can be shared with other centres that have computers, and the infrastructure, but lack the customers.
  • Coupled with its technology, these centres can benefit financially.
  • With the meagre incremental investments required, your centre could earn very attractive rates of return subject to business risk of course.
  • The attractiveness of the opportunity is also evident in the fact that it is one of the most investment-friendly franchiseeship going. Unlike many other franchiseeships which require an upfront fee of Rs.5 lakh or more, the ETL proposal is far more reasonable and extremely attractive
  • ETL will help train the franchisee with techniques to help him market these courses. Initially we will be marketing courses to school students, then include college students and youth and later corporate executives as well.
  • It will keep on expanding the range of its subject offerings to meet market demand & job opportunities.
  • It will train the franchisees and show them new ways of maximising revenues through the centre.

Interested? If yes, drop in a mail to find out more by writing in to:

Education is light , lack of it is darkness...... Russian proverb.

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